Quasicrystals : Third Natural Source

Quasicrystals : Third Natural Source
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🔘Quasicrystals : Third Natural Source

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Scientists have discovered a third natural source of quasicrystals.


◾️Quasicrystal, also called quasi-periodic crystal, matter formed atomically in a manner somewhere between the amorphous solids of glasses and the precise pattern of crystals.

◾️In quasicrystals, the atoms are arranged in a pattern that repeats itself at irregular, yet predictable, intervals.

◾️The American-Israeli scientist Dan Shechtman discovered quasicrystals in the lab in 1982.

◾️The first natural quasicrystal found was as microscopic grains in a fragment of the Khatyrka meteorite lying in the Koryak mountains of Russia.

◾️The second time scientists found natural quasicrystals in the remains of the Trinity test of the Manhattan Project.

◾️Recently in the Sand Hills dunes in northern Nebraska, where scientists found silicate glass which is a dodecagonal quasicrystal, rare even for quasicrystals

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