The Hindu Vocabulary| 18-10-2022

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The Hindu Vocabulary


For All Competitive Exams


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1-Acquittal(Noun): दोषमुक्ति : Not guilty
Synonyms: Exoneration , Discharge
Antonyms: Retention , Blame
Example Sentence: The case resulted in an acquittal of the defendant.

2-Alleged(Adjective.): अभिकथित : Accused but not proven or convicted
Synonyms: Supposed , Unproven
Antonyms: Certain , Definite
Example Sentence: The mayor is alleged to have accepted bribes.

3-Conspiracy(Noun): साजिश : a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
Synonyms: Plot , Intrigue
Antonyms: Honesty , Loyalty
Example Sentence: They were accused of conspiracy to commit murder.

4-Maoist(Noun): माओबादी: A follower of the communist doctrines of Mao Zedong.
Synonyms: Bolshevist , Comrade
Antonyms: Conservative , Fascist
Sentence: The country faced a Maoist rebellion.

5-Aggrieved(Adjective): पीड़ित : Upset or angry at being treated unfairly
Synonyms: Resentful , Affronted
Antonyms: Happy , Pleased
Example Sentence:He felt aggrieved by their refusal to meet with him.

6-Acquitted(Verb): अपराधमुक्त: To free or release (from a charge of crime)
Synonyms: Exculpate , Emancipate
Antonyms: Accused , Convicted
Example Sentence: She was acquitted of murdering her husband.

7-Prosecution(Noun): अभियोग पक्ष : Trying to prove in court that somebody is guilty of a crime
Synonyms: Pursuance , Enactment
Antonyms: Defeat , Failure
Example Sentence: This prosecution finally discredited the new society.

8-Cognizance(Noun): विचाराधिकार : Awareness
Synonyms: Perception , Consciousness
Antonyms: Ignorance , Negligence
Example Sentence: He should take cognizance of those who disagree with his theory.

9-Interdicted(Verb): निषेध करना: Prohibit or forbid (something).
Synonyms: Proscribe , Disallow
Antonyms: Approve , Continue
Example Sentence: His object was to obtain an interdict against the progress of the works, but he was not successful.

10-Appellate(Adjective): अपील-संबंधी : An attempt to get a legal decision changed
Synonyms: Appeal
Antonyms: Overact
Example Sentence: The matter should be decided in an appellate court.




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