The Hindu Vocabulary 19-10-2022

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      The Hindu Vocabulary

For All Competitive Exams

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1-Proverbial(Adjective): कहावत: Well known and talked about by a lot of people
Synonyms: Familiar , Axiomatic
Antonyms: Unknown , Different
Example Sentence: Like the proverbial tortoise, it must win the race in the end.

2-Heinous(Adjective ): अतिदुष्ट : Utterly odious or wicked.
Synonyms: Evil , Atrocious
Antonyms: Admirable , Delightful
Example Sentence: They admitted to the most heinous crimes.

3-Decapitated(Verb): सिर काटना: To cut off a person’s head
Synonyms: Decollate , Behead
Antonyms: Failure , Leaving
Example Sentence: The two young nobles, after a mock trial, were decapitated (November 1440)

4-Tug(Verb): खिंचाव : To pull something hard and quickly
Synonyms: Wrench , Drag
Antonyms: Hold , Keep
Example Sentence: The little boy tugged at his father’s trouser leg.

5-Techie(Noun): तकनीकी विशेषज्ञ : A person who is very knowledgeable
Synonyms: Greek , Technocrat
Antonyms: Technophobic
Example Sentence: The simulator that did, located down the hall, required at least one techie to run.

6-Heartstrings(Noun): मर्म :
In reference to one’s deepest feelings of love or compassion.
Synonyms: Sentiments , Emotions
Antonyms: Halt , Refrain
Sentence: That movie really tugs/pulls at your heartstrings.

7-Strangled(Verb): गला घोंटना: To choke to death by squeezing the throat
Synonyms: Throttle , Garrote
Antonyms: Free , Release
Example Sentence: He used a rope to strangle her

8-Whooping(Verb): खुशी या उत्साह: To give a loud, excited shout
Synonyms: Massive , Immense
Antonyms: Little , Small
Example Sentence:The play was a whopping success.

9-Resilient(Adjective ): लचीला : Strong enough to deal with illness, a shock
Synonyms: Buoyant , Tough
Antonyms: Rigidity , Fragility
Example Sentence: Even my doctors were surprised at how resilient I was during and after treatment.

10-Slackening(Verb): सुस्त करना : To become or make something less tight
Synonyms: Loosen , Relax
Antonyms: Enlarge , Extend
Example Sentence:The rope slackened and he pulled his hand free.




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