The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 04-12-2022

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 04-12-2022
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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 04-12-2022

  • Insurance
    Gas / Electricity
    Conference call
  • Treatment
    Cord Blood

1-Pomp(Noun) : धूमधाम : A show of magnificence : splendor

Synonyms: Ceremonial , Grandeur

Antonyms : Dullness , Simplicity

Example Sentence:: The official was accompanied by all the pomp of his high position.

2-Culminate(Verb) : नतीजा निकलना: Bring to a head or to the highest point

Synonyms: Climax , Conclude

Antonyms: Commence , Start

Example Sentence:At the end of the night, the concert will culminate in a huge fireworks display.

3-Forged(Verb) : जाली : To make an illegal copy of something in order to deceive

Synonyms: Bogus , Inauthentic

Antonyms : Genuine , Real

Example Sentence:He was accused of forging his father’s signature on the check.

4-Crucial(Adjective) : महत्वपूर्ण: Extremely important

Synonyms: Decisive , Pivotal

Antonyms: Optional , Trivial

Example Sentence:During the hot summer months, it is crucial that you drink lots of water.

5-Distress(Noun) : विपत्ति: A feeling of extreme worry, sadness, or pain

Synonyms : Anguish , Torment

Antonyms : 
Happiness , Comfort

Example Sentence: She claimed that the way she had been treated at work had caused her extreme emotional and psychological distress.

6-Scrutiny(Noun) : छानबीन: A searching study, inquiry, or inspection : examination

Synonyms : Exploration , Inspection

Antonyms :
 Deviate , Inactivity

Example Sentence: Because of their past crimes, everything they do now will be subject to scrutiny.

7-Prominence(Noun) : प्रमुखता : The state of being easily seen or well known

Synonyms: Stature , Prestige

Antonyms: Obscurity , Nadir

Example Sentence:An item of prominence on the conference agenda was infant health care.

8-Retribution(Noun) : बदला : Punishment for a crime

Synonyms: Retaliation , Revenge

Antonyms: Pardon , Sympathy

Example Sentence:She was asked whether a civilian government should seek retribution against military officers involved in human rights abuses.

9-Blockade(Noun) : नाकाबंदी : Action preventing things moving somewhere.

Synonyms: Barricade , Obstruction

Antonyms: Assistance , Advantage

Example Sentence:The bank robbers used furniture as a blockade to prevent the police from quietly entering the building.

10-Incarcerated (VERB): (क़ैद कर देना):Imprison

Synonyms: jail, lock up

release, free


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The Hindu Vocabulary for All Exams | 30 NOV 2022

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