The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 06-12-2022

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1. CONGREGATE (VERB): (एकत्रित होना): gather

Synonyms: assemble, collect

Antonyms: disperse

Example Sentence:

Some 4,000 demonstrators congregated at a border point.

2. EXTENSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (व्यापक): 

Synonyms: large-scale, sizeable


Example Sentence:

He has an extensive garden in his bungalow.

3. THWART (VERB): (विफल करना):

Synonyms: frustrate, balk

Antonyms: assist, facilitate

Example Sentence:
The government had been able to thwart opposition leaders to form new parties.

4. EPIDEMIC (ADJECTIVE): (व्याप्त): rife

Synonyms: rampant, widespread

Antonyms: limited, local

Example Sentence:
Shoplifting has reached epidemic regions.

5. EMINENTLY (ADVERB): (उत्कृष्ट रूप से):

Synonyms: greatly, highly

Antonyms: unimportantly

Example Sentence:

It is an eminently readable textbook.

6. CALAMITOUS (ADJECTIVE): (विनाशकारी):

Synonyms: disastrous, devastating

Antonyms: fortunate, successful

Example Sentence:

A calamitous fire swept through the museum.

7. DEPLOY (VERB): (तैनात करना): post

Synonyms: position, station

Antonyms: concentrate

Example Sentence:

Forces were deployed at desired locations.


Synonyms: exceptional, unusual

Antonyms: ordinary, natural

Example Sentence:
Autumn had arrived with preternatural speed.

9. LOOP (VERB): (लच्छा बनाना): coil

Synonyms: wind, twist

Antonyms: uncoil

Example Sentence:

She looped her arms around his neck.

10. INVOKE (VERB): (उद्धृत करना): cite

Synonyms: adduce, instance

Antonyms: waive


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