The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 10-01-2023

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 10-01-2023
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⛳️The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 10-01-2023


1-Tame(Adjective): साधारण : Not wild trained to obey people
Synonyms: Docile , Gentle
Antonyms : Wild , Fierce
Example Sentence: Some people were shocked by the movie, but I found the story pretty tame.

2-Lame (Adjective) : कमज़ोर: Walking badly because of leg injury
Synonyms : Limping
Antonyms : Graceful
Example Sentence:Danish had to pull out of the Championships when his horse went lame.

3-Compelling(Adjective): सम्मोहक : Very exciting and interesting and making you want to watch or listen
Synonyms : Enthralling , Captivating
Antonyms : Boring , Unconvincing
Example Sentence:I would need a very compelling reason to leave my job.

4-Reinforce(Verb) : सुदृढ बनाना: To make something stronger
Synonyms : Strengthen , Fortify
Antonyms : Weaken , Undermine
Example Sentence: The captain sent out another squad to reinforce the troops.

5-Engulfed(Verb): परिग्रहण करना : To cover or surround somebody/something completely
Synonyms : Consume , Inundate
Example Sentence: Northern areas of the country were engulfed by/in a snowstorm last night.

6-Perpetuate(Verb): यादगार बनाना : To make perpetual or cause to last indefinitely
Synonyms : Extend , Sustain
Antonyms : Discontinue , Stop
Example Sentence: Increasing the supply of weapons will only perpetuate the violence and anarchy.

7-Clamor(Verb): जोरदार माँग करना : To demand something in a loud or angry way
Synonyms : Brouhaha , Agitation
Antonyms : Calm , Silence
Example Sentence: She clamours to go home as soon as she gets to school.

8-Encroachments(Noun) : अतिक्रमण : Any entry into an area not previously occupied
Synonyms: Invasion , Intrusion
Example Sentence:An adverse Judgment would have represented an encroachment on press freedom to report on political matters.

9-Purported : विकट: (used about a situation, news, etc.) unpleasant or worrying
Synonyms: Stern , Aloof
Antonyms : Amiable
Example Sentence: His face looked grim, and we knew his news wouldn’t be good.

10-Perception(Noun): अनुभूति : A belief or opinion, often held by many people and based on how things seem
Synonyms : Approach
Antonyms : Concrete
Example Sentence: We need to change people’s perception of the military.


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