The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 10-12-2022

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⛳️ The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 10-12-2022


1-Tactics(Noun) : कार्यनीति: A specific action intended to get a particular result
Synonyms: Strategy , Method
Antonyms : Imprudent , Impolitic
Example Sentence: The proposal was dismissed as a diversionary tactic intended to distract attention from the real problems.

2-Sweep(Verb) : साफ़ सफ़ाई : To move or push somebody/something suddenly and with a lot of force
Synonyms : Wipe , Scrub
Example Sentence: People used to sweep the streets at night until a machine replaced them.

3-Decimation(Noun) : तबाही: To destroy large numbers of people, animals, or other creatures, or to harm something severely
Synonyms: Devastate , Ravage
Antonyms : Salvage , Conserve
Example Sentence: The pollution could decimate the river’s thriving population of kingfishers.

4-Furious(Adjective) : आगबबूला : Violent or forceful
Synonyms: Infuriated , Enraged
Antonyms: Calm , Relaxed
Example Sentence:Furious winds rocked the coastal town.

5-Foray(Noun) : आक्रमण: A sudden or irregular invasion or attack for war or spoils
Synonyms : Incursion , Assault
Antonyms : Refuse , Disclaim
Example Sentence:I made a quick foray into town before lunch to get my sister a present.

6-Harness(Noun) : कवच : To control something, usually in order to use its power
Synonyms : Tackle , Mobilize
Antonyms : Allow , Loose
Example Sentence:There is a great deal of interest in harnessing wind and waves as new sources of power.

7-Sedate(Adjective) : गंभीर और सौम्य : Keeping a quiet steady attitude or pace
Synonyms: Dignified , Decorous
Antonyms: Exciting , Wild
Example Sentence:Dean stepped back further, the smile fading from his face as the two men drove away at a very sedate pace.

8-Hovers(Verb) : मंडराना : To remain floating, suspended, or fluttering in the air
Synonyms: Flicker , Levitate
Antonyms: Rest , Settle
Example Sentence: Bees hovered around the hive.

9-Vigor(Noun) : ताकत : Active strength or force
Synonyms: Ability , Endurance
Antonyms: Impotence , Weakness
Example Sentence: I think his speech showed that he has recovered his full vigour of body and min

10-Vehement (ADJECTIVE): (उत्साही): passionate
Synonyms: forceful, ardent
Antonyms: mild
Example Sentence:
Her voice was low but vehement.


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The Hindu Vocabulary for All Exams | 30 NOV 2022

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