The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 11-12-2022

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⛳️ The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 11-12-2022

1. INTERIM (ADJECTIVE): (अंतरिम): provisional
Synonyms: temporary, pro tem
Antonyms: permanent
Example Sentence:
An interim arrangement had been made.

2. DETERMINATION (NOUN): (दृढ़ निश्चय): resolution
Synonyms: resolve, will power
Antonyms: pusillanimity
Example Sentence:
Those who succeed because of sheer grit and determination.

3. EMBRACE (NOUN): (अपना लेना): welcome
Synonyms: accept, take up
Antonyms: reject
Example Sentence:
Besides traditional methods, artists are embracing new technology.

4. PROMPT (VERB): (उत्तेजित करना): give rise to
Synonyms: cause, occasion
Antonyms: deter
Example Sentence:
The violence prompted a wave of refugees to flee the country.

5. PROFOUND (ADJECTIVE): (गहन): heartfelt
Synonyms: intense, keen
Antonyms: superficial
Example Sentence:
Profound feelings of sadness sorrounded us all.

6. DISQUIET (NOUN): (बेचैनी): unease
Synonyms: uneasiness, worry
Antonyms: calm
Example Sentence:
There is too much disquiet about animal testing.

7. PERSPICACITY (NOUN): (चतुराई): shrewdness
Synonyms: discernment, perception
Antonyms: stupidity
Example Sentence:
The perspicacity of her remarks was quite evident.

8. AGGRESSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (आक्रामक): hostile
Synonyms: belligerent, bellicose
Antonyms: meek
Example Sentence:
He’s very uncooperative and aggressive.

9. MILD (ADJECTIVE): (हल्का): lenient
Synonyms: clement, light
Antonyms: cruel
Example Sentence:
Mild criticism is of no avail.

10. DEVOTION (NOUN): (निष्ठा): loyalty
Synonyms: faithfulness, fidelity
Antonyms: disloyalty
Example Sentence:
His devotion to duty never wavered.


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