The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams |15-02-2023

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams |15-02-2023
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⛳️The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams |15-02-2023

1. Lose steam (Phrase): to suddenly lose the energy or interest to continue doing what you are doing
Synonyms: abate, curb, curtail, decelerate
Example Sentence: Both teams seemed to lose steam in the second half.

2. Dustup (Noun): झगड़ा: a physical dispute between opposing individuals or groups
Synonyms: clash, battle, fight
Antonyms: truce
Example Sentence: He came home with a black eye from the dustup at the bar.

3. Defiance (Noun): अवज्ञ़ा : open resistance; bold disobedience
Synonyms: resistance, opposition, confrontation
Antonyms: compliance, obedience, submission
Example Sentence: The demonstration was held in defiance of official warnings.

4. Gargantuan (Adjective): विशाल : unusually large
Synonyms: enormous, massive, giant
Antonyms: little, mini, petite
Example Sentence: Of all her mistakes, this was the most gargantuan.

5. Confabulate (Verb): ब़ातचीत करऩा : to exchange viewpoints or seek advice for the purpose of finding a solution to a problem
Synonyms: consult, confer, discuss
Example Sentence: I’d like to confabulate with my friends at weekends.

6. Fudge (Verb): ठगऩा : to use dishonest methods to achieve a goal
Synonyms: cheat, finagle, falsify
Example Sentence:She’s been fudging on her taxes for years.

7. Staple (Adj): प्रमुख : the main or greater part of something as distinguished from its subordinate parts
Synonyms: core, chief, major
Antonyms: subordinate, secondary
Example Sentence: Vegetables are a staple part of a healthy diet if you want to stay fit.

8. Pillory (Verb): निंदा करना : to severely criticize someone, especially in a public way
Synonyms: blame, criticize, scold, ridicule, denounce
Antonyms: endorse, approve, commend, accolade, praise, esteem
Example Sentence:The press pilloried the judge for his decision.

9. Vacuous (Adjective) : having or showing a lack of thought or intelligence; mindless
Synonyms: blank, vacant, expressionless
Antonyms: brainy, bright, brilliant
Example Sentence: Bored with the vacuous chatter at the party, Mitchell went home and read a book.

10. Arsenal (Noun) : शस्त्रागार: a place where military arms are stored
Synonyms: armory, warehouse, depot
Example Sentence: They sent the ordinance officer to the arsenal for weapons.

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