The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 16-12-2022

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⛳️ The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 16-12-2022


1. PRONOUNCED (ADJECTIVE): (स्पष्ट): Noticeable
Synonyms: Marked, Strong
Antonyms: Faint
Example Sentence:
She had a pronounced squint.
2. ELUSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (पकड़ में न आने वाला): Evasive
Synonyms: slippery, shifty
Antonyms: accessible
Example Sentence:
Success has become even more elusive now.
3. ABSTEMIOUS (ADJECTIVE):(संयमी): Temperate
Synonyms: Abstinent, Austere
Antonyms: Self-indulgent
Example Sentence:
We only had a bottle Very abstemious of you.
4. EMBARGO (VERB): (निषेध करना): ban
Synonyms: bar, prohibit
Antonyms: allow
Example Sentence:
Document of national security importance is routinely embargoed.
5. ASSERT (VERB): (द्दढ़तापूर्वक करना): declare
Synonyms: maintain, contend
Antonyms: deny
Example Sentence:
The company asserts that the cuts will not affect development.

6-Plummeting(Verb) : गिरावट : To fall very quickly and suddenly.
Synonyms : Collapse , Decrease
Antonyms : Increase , Raise
Example Sentence:He didn’t even look at her, and her hope plummeted again.

7-Reckon(Verb) : अनुमान करना : To count, compute, or calculate, as in number or amount
Synonyms: Compute , Quantify
Antonyms: Discard , Ignore
Example Sentence: I never met your mother, but if she was anything like you, I reckon he thought she’d do just that

8-Shepherded(Verb) : मार्ग दिखाना : To guide and look after people so that they do not get lost
Synonyms: Drive , Escort
Example Sentence:She carefully shepherded the children across the street.

9-Reined(Verb) : संयम करना : To limit or control (someone or something)
Synonyms: Restrained , Clogged
Antonyms: Release , Continue
Example Sentence: I gave him free rein to do what he needs to

10-Tripping(Verb) : तेज़ी से चलना : Light and quick, as a step or pace
Synonyms: Stumble , Stagger
Example Sentence: I tripped over my own feet and fell down the stairs.


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