The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 17-12-2022

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 17-12-2022
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⛳️ The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 17-12-2022


1. ASSAULTS (VERB): (हमलाः करना) make a physical attack on..

Synonyms: whip, strike, batter

Antonyms: retreat, ebb

Example Sentence:

He pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer.

2. UNRAVEL (VERB): (सुलझाना) investigate and solve or explain
Synonyms: untie, unjumble

Antonyms: tangle, intertwine

Example Sentence:

They were attempting to unravel the cause of death.

3. DISMANTLE (VERB): (निराकरण, तोड़-फोड़) take (a machine or structure) to pieces.
Synonyms: breakup, flatten

Antonyms: assemble, build

Example Sentence:

The car mechanic dismantled the engine to repair it

4. PARAPHRASE (VERB): (संक्षिप्त व्याख्या, विवरण) express the meaning of (something written or spoken) using different words

Synonyms: reword, rephrase

Antonyms: transcript, echo

Example Sentence:

This is evidently a paraphrase of popular story fairytale.

5. IMPEACHMENT (NOUN): (दोषारोपण)a charge of treason

Synonyms: reprimand, charge, reprobate

Antonyms: absolve, commend, exonerate

Example Sentence:

The king cynically abandoned him, encouraging his impeachment”

6. COHORT (NOUN): Companion:(संगी) 
Synonyms: comrade, partner
Antonyms: opponent, adversary
Example Sentence:
Adivasis and their cohort made the violent protest.
7. WEAKENED (ADJECTIVE): Depleted:(कमज़ोर) 
Synonyms: exhausted, tired
Antonyms: energetic, invigorated
Example Sentence:
His eyes were looking painstakingly weakened.
8. SUBLIME (ADJECTIVE): Magnificent:(उत्कृष्ट) 
Synonyms: glorious, heavenly
Antonyms: inferior, lowly
Example Sentence:
The function we attended took place at a sublime lodge.
9. ENSCONCE (ADJECTIVE): Situate:(आश्रय देना) 
Synonyms: stash, cache
Antonyms: unsettle, depart
Example Sentence:
There is no need to worry about the witness because she is ensconced in the safe house.
10. DETOUR (NOUN): Deviation:(विमार्ग) 
Synonyms: turn, diversion
Antonyms: straightness, direction
Example Sentence:
Due to metro work, traffic has to follow detour.


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The Hindu Vocabulary for All Exams | 30 NOV 2022

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