The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 18-12-2022

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 18-12-2022
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⛳️ The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 18-12-2022

1-Convened(Verb) : संयोजित : To bring together a group of people for a meeting
Synonyms: Assemble , Summon
Antonyms : Disperse
Example Sentence: The legislature convened for its second session on the 1st of February 1909

2-Disarray(Noun): अव्यवस्था : Confusion, dismay, and lack of discipline
Synonyms : Confusion , Chaos
Antonyms : Peace , Tidiness
Example Sentence:Our whole household was thrown into disarray when we brought the puppy home.

3-Off the hook : छुटकारा पाना : Out of danger; free from obligation or guilt.
Synonyms: Acquitted , Autonomous
Antonyms : Hindered , Answerable
Example Sentence:Genelia agreed to go to the meeting in my place so that gets/lets me off the hook.

4-Irrevocably(Adverb) : अटल रूप से : Not able to be revoked, changed, or undone
Synonyms: Fixed , Unchangeable
Antonyms : Bare , Open
Example Sentence:Stealing from a friend may cause you to irrevocably damage that friendship.

5-Dossier(Noun) : फ़ाइल : A file containing detailed records on a particular person or subject
Synonyms : Casebook , Summary
Example Sentence: The company is compiling a dossier of evidence to back its allegations.

6-Pertains(Verb) : संबद्ध होना : To have reference, relation, or relevance.
Synonyms : Concern , Associate
Antonyms : Irrelevant , Immaterial
Example Sentence: It was a list of questions, all of them apparently pertaining to her mental health.

7-Bait(Noun) : प्रलोभन: Something that is used for persuading or attracting somebody
Synonyms: Lure , Goad
Antonyms: Repel , Discourage
Example Sentence: We put down some poisoned bait to kill the rats.

8-Invigorating(Adjective) : मज़बूत करना : To give new energy or strength to someone or something
Synonyms: Energize , Rejuvenate
Antonyms : Draining , Weakening
Example Sentence:They argued that a cut in the tax rate would invigorate the economy.

9-Radical(Adjective) : मौलिक : A person who favors rapid and sweeping changes especially in laws and methods of government
Synonyms: Complete , Absolute
Antonyms: Conservative , Moderate
Example Sentence: This is a desperate situation which requires a truly radical solution.

10-Ideology(Noun) : विचारधारा : A particular set of ideas and beliefs
Synonyms: Doctrine , Principles
Example Sentence:No one had foreseen or prepared for the leadership crisis, based on ideologies.


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The Hindu Vocabulary for All Exams | 30 NOV 2022

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