The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 22-02-2023

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 22-02-2023
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The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 22-02-2023

1. Flagrant (Adjective): shocking because of being so bad and so obvious

Synonyms: blatant, obvious, gross, egregious

Antonyms: underground, concealed, furtive

Example Sentence: After the basketball player committed a flagrant foul, he was kicked out of the game.

2. Sordid (Noun): नीच: involving immoral or dishonorable actions and motives; morally wrong and shocking

Synonyms: filthy, dirty, dusty, muddy, stained, blackened, nasty

Antonyms: noble, upright, honorable, lofty, pure, respectable

Example Sentence: The movie described the sordid history of the mafia since 1950.

3. Bizarre (Adjective):विचित्र : very strange and unusual

 absurd, insane, odd, crazy

Antonyms: reasonable, realistic, normal, usual

Example Sentence: Everyone stared at the student who wore the bizarre outfit to school.

4. Trafficking (Verb) : तस्करी: deal or trade in something illegal

Synonyms: trading, smuggling, selling

Antonyms: boycotting, blacking

Example Sentence: The abduction and trafficking of babies has been a problem in China for decades.

5. Testimony (Noun): गवाही / प्रमाण: a formal written or spoken statement, especially one given in a court of law

evidence, proof, witness, confirmation

Antonyms: rebuttal, refutation

Example Sentence: The defendant in court had to give a testimony about where they were the day before so they could prove they did not commit the crime.

6. Chronic (Adjective): चिरकालिक: persisting for a long time or constantly recurring; long-lasting

 persistent, serial, inveterate

Antonyms: occasional, intermittent, unaccustomed

Example Sentence:Because my aunt has untreatable cancer, she has been dealing with chronic pain for several months.

7. Exhortation (Noun): the act of strongly encouraging or trying to persuade someone to do something

Synonyms: recommendation, suggestion, warning, urging, instruction, cautioning, lesson

Antonyms: discouragement, restrain

Example Sentence:In the 3rd quatrain there is a change of tone, with the speaker making a direct exhortation to his beloved.

8. Blow the lid off (Idiom): पर्दाफाश करना: To expose something to the public, often something

scandalous or deceptive

Synonyms: reveal, disclose, divulge

Antonyms: hide, conceal

Example Sentence: In 1989 they started an investigation that was to blow the lid off corruption in the police force.

9. Sanctuary (Noun): protection or a safe place, especially for someone or something being chased or hunted

Synonyms: shrine, refuge, shelter

Antonyms: Pitfall, trap, snare

Example Sentence:When the convict escaped from prison, he used one of his safe houses as a sanctuary.

10. Quibbling (Noun): आपत्तियां उठाना: the action of raising objections about a trivial matter

Synonyms: criticizing, niggling

Antonyms: approving, supporting

Example Sentence: Council members spent the day quibbling over thefinal wording of the resolution.

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