The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 22-04-2023

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1. Circumvent (Verb) : to avoid something, especially cleverly or by deceiving

Synonyms: avoid, evade, escape, dodge
Antonyms: confront, face, meet, encounter, tackle
Example Sentence: The burglar tried to find a way to circumvent the alarm system.

2. Catapult(Verb): to launch or propel something or someone

Launch, Fling, Propel
Antonyms: Stop, Halt, Hold, Keep
Example Sentence: The company plans to catapult its sales with a new marketing campaign.

3. Laggard (Adjective) : something that is slow or sluggish in movement or progress (slower than desired or expected)

slow, lagging, pokey, sluggish
Antonyms: prompt, swift, agile, active, rapid
Example Sentence: The company’s laggard progress in implementing new technology put them at a disadvantage compared to their competitors.

4. Foment (Verb): भड़काना : instigate or stir up (an undesirable or violent sentiment or course of action)

 provoke, incite, trigger
Antonyms: calm, cease, depress, constrain
Example Sentence: Despite popular beliefs, the police are here to keep people calm, not to foment violence.

5.Fickle (Adjective): अस्थिर : changing frequently, especially as regards one’s loyalties, interests, or affection.
Synonyms: capricious, changeable, variable
Antonyms: constant, certain, unchanging
Example Sentence: The weather is so fickle at this time of year.
6. Prudence (Noun) : सावधानी : behavior that is careful and avoids risks
Synonyms: caution, circumspection, care
Antonyms: recklessness, brashness, carelessness
Example Sentence: The captain said we ought to shorten sail anyway, out of common prudence.
7. Crux (Noun) : जड़ / मूल बिंदु : the most important or serious part of a matter, problem, or argument
Synonyms: essence, core, root
Example Sentence: When Jake was asked about his failure to complete the project, he cited an illness as the crux of his problem.
8. Poltroonery (Noun): कायरता : a shameful lack of courage in the face of danger
Synonyms: fearfulness, cowardice, cravenness
Antonyms: bravery, courage, daring
Example Sentence: Decried the poltroonery of those politicians who caved in to pressure from the special interests.
9-Acquitted(Verb) : निर्दोष साबित होना : Persons who have been declared not guilty of a crime
Synonyms : Exonerated , Excused
Antonyms : Guilty , Accused
Example Sentence : None of the acquitted received any kind of compensation or redress.
10-Elapsed(Verb) : व्‍यतीत होना : Pass, go by
Synonyms: Ended , Finished
Antonyms : Alive , Existing
Example Sentence : Thirty minutes elapsed before the performance began.
1-Find the correct one?
Antonym of EUPHORIA
1. Melancholy
2. Enthusiasm
3. Nostalgia
4. Rapture
Solution: 1.
2-Find the correct one?
Antonym of REPUDIATE
1. Acknowledge
2. Optimistic
3. Crucial
4. Obscure
3-Find the correct one?
Synonym of ABSTRUSE
1. Simple
2. Lucid
3. Cryptic
4. Obvious
Solution: 3. 
4-Find the correct one?
Synonym of SANGUINE
1. Pessimistic
2. Optimistic
3. Melancholy
4. Cheerless
Solution: 2. 
5-Find the correct one?
Synonym of ABSCOND
1. rob
2. obscure
3. flee
4. Absolve
Solution: 3. 
6-Find the correct one?
Antonym of LAMBENT
1. praise
2. present
3. dull
4. rough
Solution: 3.
7-Find the correct one?
1. aesthetic
2. professional
3. wily
4. naive
Solution: 2. 
8-Find the correct one?
Antonym of PROLIX
1. brief
2. exquisite
3. reasonable
4. distinct
Solution: 1.
9-Find the correct one?

Synonym of WILY

1. wise
2. stupid
3. cunning
4. angry
Solution: 3. 

10-Find the correct one?

Antonym of DOLEFUL
1. empty
2. rich
3. witty
4. vivacious
Solution: 4. 
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