The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 23-12-2022

The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 23-12-2022
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⛳️ The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 23-12-2022


  1. ILLUSTRIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (प्रसिद्ध)famous

Synonyms: esteemed, eminent

Antonyms: insignificant, unimportant

Example Sentence:

Number of illustrious players have lead this team.

  1. YEARNING (NOUN): (इच्छाdesire

Synonyms: aspiration, craving

Antonyms: apathy, disinterest

Example Sentence:

His success satisfied his yearning.

  1. INCUR (VERB):(अपने उपर लेना/उठानाbring upon oneself

Synonyms: obtain, acquire

Antonyms: forfeit, lose

Example Sentence:

Suneet incurred the wrath of the gods.

  1. GUSHING (ADJECTIVE):(फुहार छोड़ती हुईflowing

Synonyms: spouting, pouring out

Antonyms: stagnant, frozen

Example Sentence:

The gushing river, flooded the fields.

  1. BERATE (VERB):(धमकानाadmonish

Synonyms: castigate, reprimand

Antonyms: laud, applaud

Example Sentence:

We must berate such journalists who live in our nation and work for our enemies.

  1. DEARTH (NOUN):(कमीscarcity

Synonyms: paucity, meagerness

Antonyms: adequacy, abundance

Example Sentence: The dearth of resources forced the company to shut down.

  1. EXTENSIVELY (ADVERB):(दूर तकwidely

Synonyms: broadly, greatly

Antonyms: minutely, marginally

Example Sentence:

The scheme extensively benefitted the masses.

  1. COINCIDE (VERB):(सहमत होनाgo along with

Synonyms: concur, harmonize

Antonyms: deviate, dissent

Example Sentence:

We can coincide with our competitors.

  1. PSEUDONYM (NOUN):(उपनामfalse name

Synonyms: anonym, alias

Antonyms: real name, authentic name

Example Sentence:

He used a pseudonym for himself.

  1. VANITY (NOUN):(घमंडegotism

Synonyms: conceitedness, ostentation

Antonyms: humility, modesty

Example Sentence:

He displays vanity.


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