The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 27-12-2022

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⛳️ The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 27-12-2022

1-Allocation(Noun) : बंटवारा: An amount or share of something that is given to someone or used for a particular purpose
Synonyms: Allotment , Issuance
Antonyms : Keep , Withhold
Example Sentence: The allocation of space in this office is unusual.
2-Entitlement(Noun) : अधिकार : A situation in which you have the right to do or have something
Synonyms : Prerogative , Privilege
Example Sentence: Governments create entitlements due to public demand for them, and public demand exists where the need is not filled.
3-Procured(Verb) : प्राप्त करना : To get something, especially after an effort
Synonyms: Acquire , Annex
Antonyms : Lose , Forfeit
Example Sentence: We procured maps and directions from the tourist office.
4-Flawed(Adjective) : त्रुटिपूर्ण: A defect or imperfection
Synonyms: Inaccurate , Distorted
Antonyms : Perfect , Flawless
Example Sentence: These tests were so seriously flawed as to render the results meaningless.
5-Behemoth(Noun) : विशालकाय : An extremely large and powerful
Synonyms : Giant
Antonyms : Dwarf
Example Sentence: The deal, if it goes through, would create a house building behemoth in Britain.
6-Jostled(Verb) : धक्रका देना: To knock or push roughly against someone in order to move
Synonyms : Hustle , Scramble
Antonyms : Retard
Example Sentence: She was cheered and clapped by tourists who jostled to see her.
7-Disdain(Noun) : तिरस्कार: A feeling of contempt for someone or something regarded as unworthy or inferior
Synonyms : Scorn , Derision
Antonyms : Admiration , Respect
Example Sentence: He disdained all people less well educated than himself.
8-Frenetic(Adjective) : अतिउत्तेजित : Marked by fast and energetic, disordered, or anxiety-driven activity
Synonyms : Wild , Frantic
Antonyms : Calm
Example Sentence:One of the things I do feel about today’s films is that they are too frenetic.
9-Sweepstakes(Noun): : A form of betting in which the winner gets all the money bet by everyone else
Synonyms: Gambling , Raffle
Example Sentence: Sweepstakes winners will enjoy a week-long stay in luxury accommodations in Las Vegas.
10-Dogged(Adjective) : हठी : Very determined to continue doing something
Synonyms: Tenacious , Obstinate
Antonyms : Hesitant , Flexible
Example Sentence: Her dogged determination to uncover the truth about the scandal led to her winning a reporting prize.
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