The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 28-04-2023

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1. Moonlighting (Noun/Verb) : अतिरिक्त काम करना : Practice of working a second job, especially secretly or at night, in addition to one’s regular job.
Synonyms: Second job, sideline, side hustle
Antonyms: Primary job, Full-time job, primary employment, main occupation
Example Sentence: Tom was caught moonlighting at a local restaurant, even though his contract prohibited him from taking a second job.
2. Envisage (Verb): कल्पना करना : To imagine or visualize; contemplate or visualize a future event or possibility
Synonyms: Imagine, visualize, conceive, picture, see in one’s mind’s eye.
Antonyms: Disregard, overlook, ignore, neglect.
Example Sentence:She could envisage a bright future for her business with the new marketing strategy.
3. Corpus (Noun) : समूह : a collection of written texts, especially the entire works of a particular author or a body of writing on a particular subject.
Synonyms: collection, compilation, entity
Antonym: individual, single
Example Sentence: The linguist used a corpus of texts to analyze patterns in the language
4. Paucity (Noun): अभाव : scarcity or a lack of something
Synonyms: shortage, dearth, insufficiency, inadequacy
Antonyms: abundance, surplus, plenty
Example Sentence: The paucity of resources made it difficult to complete the project on time.
5. Slander (Verb) : झूठी निंदा करना : make false and damaging statements about (someone).
Synonyms: defame, insult, libel
Antonyms: glorify, honor, praise
Example Sentence: The court system is used to resolve land disputes and slander cases, but problems are usually settled within the family or village.
6. Muddled (Adjective): उलझा हुआ : Confused or mixed up, not clear or wellorganized
Synonyms: Confused, Jumbled, Befuddled, Disordered
Antonyms: Clear, Organized, Orderly, Coherent
Example Sentence: The muddled instructions made it difficult for the students to complete the assignment correctly.
7. Encrypt (Verb) : To convert information or data into a coded language to secure it from unauthorized access.
Synonyms: cipher, code, encode
Antonyms: decrypt, decode, decipher, reveal
Example Sentence: The company encrypts all sensitive data to ensure it remains confidential and secure.
8. Build castles in the air (Idiom) : To create dreams, hopes, or plans that are impossible, unrealistic, or have very little chance of succeeding.
Synonyms: Daydream, Fantasize, Visualize
Antonym: Be realistic, Stay grounded
Example Sentence: John was always building castles in the air about becoming a millionaire without doing any hard work.
9.Felicity (Noun) : सौभाग्य, आशीर्वाद, आनंद : great happiness

Synonyms: joy, bliss, beatitude, delight

Antonyms: misery, sadness, sorrow
Example Sentence: The newlyweds were filled with felicity on their wedding day.

10. Signatory (Noun): साक्षरकर्ता : A person, organization or country that has signed an official document, agreement, or treaty
Synonyms: Signer, party to the agreement, endorser
Antonyms: Non-signatory, dissenting party
Example Sentence: The signatories of the peace treaty agreed to cease hostilities and work towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict.
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