The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 31-05-2023

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1. Divisive (Adjective): विभाजक : Tending to cause disagreement, hostility, or division among people or groups. 
Synonyms: discordant, disharmonious
Antonyms: unifying, accordant, inclusive, harmonious
Example Sentence:  The company’s new policy proved to be highly divisive, leading to
conflicts among employees.
2. Abrogate (Verb) : रद्द करना : the act of formally ending a law, agreement, or custom
Synonyms: abolish, cancel, nullify, overturn
Antonyms: enact, establish, legislate
Example Sentence: He filed for bankruptcy, which permitted the abrogation of all
3. Out of the blocks (Idiom) : At the very beginning
Synonyms: start, commencement, onset
Example Sentence: Out of the blocks, the company’s latest video game console
has proven wildly popular.
4. Consensus(Noun) : आपसी सहमति : a generally accepted opinion or decision among a group of people or a general agreement
Synonyms: agreement, unanimity, accord, acceptance
Antonyms: disagreement, conflict, denial
Example Sentence: I want to get a new bike but I am not getting consensus from my family
5. Evanescent (Adjective) : क्षणभंगुर : soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.
Synonyms: vanishing, fading, fleeting
Antonyms: endless, eternal, everlasting
Example Sentence:Talk is evanescent but writing leaves footprints.
6. Unambiguous (Adjective) : स्पष्ट : expressed in a way that makes it completely clear what is meant; not open to more than one interpretation.
Synonyms: obvious, plain, apparent
Antonyms: ambiguous, indefinite, vague, unclear
Example Sentence: Reading the unambiguous article, the editor was glad to have found an
author that is clear and concise.
7. Bizarre (Adjective): विचित्र : very strange and unusual
Synonyms: absurd, insane, odd, crazy
Antonyms: reasonable, realistic, normal, usual
Example Sentence: Everyone stared at the student who wore the bizarre outfit to
8. Belie (Verb) : झुठलाना : to show something to be false, or to hide something such as an emotion
Synonyms: misrepresent, obscure, conceal, contradict, hide
Antonyms: confirm, validate, prove
Example Sentence: The latest information belies the old theory.
9. To play second Fiddle (Idiom) : to play a secondary or minor role with regard to someone else; to be less important or in a weaker position than someone else
Synonyms: aid, assist, inferior
Example Sentence: I’m not prepared to play second fiddle to Christina any more – I’m
looking for another job!
10. To Make A Mountain Out Of A Molehill (Idiom): to exaggerate
Synonyms: hyperbolize, emphasize, overstate
Example Sentence: You were not supposed to believe Mack, he is always making
mountains out of a molehill.

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