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Welcome you in Our Today Current Affairs Section Best Current Affairs Question Answers For All Government Exams.

6th March Current Affairs

Today Current Affairs Type – 01

Article – 01

Wonderful Australian Right – Arm Leg Spinner Shane Worn Died 4th March 2020

  • Shane Warne was a cricketer from Australia.
  • Born on 13 September 1969 ( Australia )
  • Died 4th March 2022 ( Thailand )
  • Died Du to Suspected Heart Attack
  • He was a right-arm leg spinner who is widely regarded as one of the finest bowlers in cricket history, and he was named as one of the five Wisden Cricketers of the Century by a panel of cricket experts in 2000, the only specialist bowler in the quintet ..
  • Month: Current Affairs – March, 2022
  • Category: Persons In News
  • Topics: Cricket Related Current Affairs

Article – 02

4th March is observed as National Safety Day.

  • 4th March is observed as National Safety Day.
  • This day aims to raise awareness regarding all safety protocols which includes workplaces, on-roads, the environment, and health.
  • Contents Overview: The Theme of National Safety Day 2022 History of the day About National Safety Council Overview: On this day, various program are organized with the aim of educating people about the ..
  • Month: Current Affairs – March, 2022
  • Category: Important Days & Events Current Affairs
  • Topics: National Safety Day 2022

Today Current Affairs Type – 02

Most Important MCQ Type Today Current Affairs

Today Current Affairs on 6 March 2022

1. Recently a massive bomb blasts in which country’s Mosque?



Pakistan (✔️)


2.Recently which of the following calls Pakistani wheat useless and poor?


Afghanistan (✔️)



3.Recently Indian Railways tested which of the following system to prevent train accidents?





4. Recently which of the following country agrees to ceasefire in Ukraine to open humanitarian corridors for civilians?




Both 1 & 2

5. According to a recent report DRDO and which country to develop Aircraft Engines for India’s 5th Gen Fighter Jet AMCA?


South Korea



6. Recently which country’s rocket crashes into the moon?



China (✔️)


7. Recently India cancels the MIG-29 order from Russia worth __ crores?

5000 crore

6000 crore(✔️)

7000 crore

8000 crore

8. Recently the famous cricket player Shane Warne died at the age of 52. He is from which country?


New Zealand


South Africa

9. For how many seasons did BCCI ropes in RUPAY as IPL’s official partner?





10. Recently who enters the QUATER-finals at Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championship?

Anand Yadav(✔️)

Raghav Sharma

Abhinav Shah

Rajat Singh

Today Current Affairs Type – 03

  1. Recently, From which State/UT the showcase of Marine
    fisheries ‘Sagar Parikrama’ has been started?

Answer- Gujarat

  1. Recently, With which IIT Institute ‘National Institute of Ocean
    Technology conducted ‘OCEANS 2022 Conference &Exposition?

Answer – IIT Rookie

  1. Recently, Which State Govt. has announced ‘Camel
    Protection & Development Policy’ in its Budget 2022-23?

Answer – Rajasthan..

  1. Recently, On which date ‘World Obesity Day has been

Answer – 4th March

  1. Recently, “Shane Warne” passed away, Who was he?

Answer – Cricketer

  1. Recently, ‘Hero MotoCorp’ launched which new brand
    of ‘Electronic Vehicle (EV)?

Answer – Vida

  1. Recently, Former Indian Army Chief ‘General S F,Rodrigues’ passed away, at the age of ?

Answer – 88 Year

  1. Recently, In which country ICC Women’s Cricket World
    Cup 2022 has been started?

Answer – New Zealand

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