UPSC Preliminary Tricks | Part -1

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UPSC Preliminary Tricks | Part -1

Trick to remember Buddhist councils in sequence


1-First Buddhist council (c. 400 BCE) – RAjigriha

2-Second Buddhist council (c. 4th century BCE) – VAisali

3-Third Buddhist council (c. 251 BCE) – PAtaliputra

4-The Fourth Buddhist Councils – Kashmir

UPSC Mains Practice SET-4 | Current base practice set | 4-11-2022

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Trick to remember important facts of Second five year plan (1956 -61)

Trick : MADRAS

M – Mahalanobis Model

A – Atomic Energy Commission

D – Durgapur steel company, Tata Inst of Fundamental Research

R – Rourkela Steel Company, Rapid Industrialisation

A – Agriculture

S – Socialistic Pattern of Society

Most Important One word Substitution for all Upcoming Exams

Third five year plan (1961-66)

Trick : SAD

S – Self Reliance

A – Agriculture

D – Development of Industry

UPSC Class

Fifth five year plan (1974-79)

Trick : PSTM

P – Poverty Eradication

S – Self reliance

T – Twenty Point Programme

M – Minimum Need Programme

UPSC RANK – 01 Topper SHRUTI SHARMA Marksheets || IAS SHRUTI SHARMA Marksheets

Sixth five year Plan (1980-85)

Trick : MAIL

M – Management

A – Agriculture production

I – Industry production

L – Local Development Schemes


Main themes of Seventh Five year plan (1985-90)

Trick : EFGH (the alphabets)

E – Employment generation

F – Foodgrain production was doubled

G – Jawahar Rozgar Yojana (1989)

H – Hindu rate of Growth

UPSC RANK – 03 GAMINI SINGLA Marksheet || IAS GAMINI SINGLA Marksheet | onlystudy as insurance for your future

Ninth five year plan (1997-2002)

Trick : ESPN

E – Employment for Women, SC’s and ST’s

S – Seven Basic minimum service

P – Panchayat Raj Institutions, Primary Education, Public Distribution System

N – Nutrition Security

UPSC RANK – 04 AISHWARYA VERMA Marksheet || IAS AISHWARYA VERMA Marksheet | onlystudy insurance

Eleventh five year plan (2007 -2012)


T – Telecommunicatons (2G)

E – Electricity, Environment Science

A – Anemia

C – Clean water

H – Health education

E – Environment Science

R – Rapid growth

S – Skill Development


Tricks to remember West flowing river




N- Narmada


भारतीय इतिहास से सम्बन्धित टॉप लुसेंट पर आधारित महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्नोत्तर

National parks in Kerala Story-

A famous school in ​Kerala ​was inaugurated by ​Modiji ​(ANAMUDI).
One day the teacher of ​Maths (MATHIKETTAN) ​Padma (PAMPADUM) asked a question to Ravi ​(ERAVIKULAM) and ​Karim ​( Karimpuzha).

The question was- What is the ​Perimeter ​(PERIYAR) of a square? Both were ​Silent (SILENT VALLEY) as they had not studied.

Modiji- ​Anamudi Shola National Park
Maths- ​Mathikettan Shola National Park

Padma- ​Pampadum Shola National Park
Ravi- ​Eravikulam National Park Karim- ​Karimpuzha National Park
Perimeter- ​Periyar National Park
Silent- ​Silent Valley National Park

भारत की पहली महिला व्यक्तित्व

National parks of Rajasthan

Trick-​ ​DR.KuSuM

D​- Desert NP
R​- Ranthambore NP
K​- Keoladeo NP
S​- Sariska NP
M​- Mukundra NP

(Helps in elimination)

Aishwarya Verma Rank – 4, 2021

National parks of Madhya Pradesh

Note – Just read it 2-3 times

On ​SATURDAY​, ​KHANNA BROTHERS​, ​MADHAV ​and MANDLA ​watched the movie FANA ​with their Maruti ​VAN ​driver SANJAY KUNO ​ of ​PENCH​.

SATURDAY​- Satpura National Park
KHANNA​-​ ​Kanha National Park
BROTHERS​-​ ​Bandhavgarh National Park (Bandhav means brothers)

MADHAV​-​ ​Madhav National Park
MANDLA​-​ ​Mandla National Park
FANA​-​ ​Panna National Park
VAN​-​ ​Van Vihar National Park
SANJAY​-​ ​Sanjay National Park
KUNO​- Kuno​ ​National Park
PENCH​- Pench (Priyadarshini) National Park

क्योटो प्रोटोकॉल

National parks of Uttarakhand

Note – Just read it 2-3 times ✅✅

“Small love story national parks in Uttarakhand

A boy named ​RAJA ​went to propose to his girlfriend ​NANDA DEVI ​with ​FLOWERS​. But she rejected him as his body was too weak.
He went to Jim trainer ​JIM CORBETT​. The trainer advised him to swim the river ​GANGA​. Then he became strong and they married. They went to Uttarakhand ​for the honeymoon.

● Rajaji National Park
● Nanda Devi National Park

● Valley of Flowers National Park
● Corbett National Park
● Gangotri National Park

Maha Bodhi Temple Complex

National parks in Andaman & Nicobar

Note – Read it 2-3 times

Trick- ​Rani ​of ​Andaman ​was ​Sad Girl​ ​as ​THREE BUTTONS​ of Computer ​broke. To repair it, she went to ​Hari’s ​shop on ​MG ​road​.

Rani​- ​Rani ​Jhansi Marine National Park

Sad​- ​Saddle ​Peak National Park

Girl​- ​Galathea ​National Park


– North ​Button​ Island National Park
– Middle ​Button ​Island National Park
– South ​Button ​Island National Park

Computer​-​ ​ ​Campbell ​Bay National Park

Hari​- Mount ​Harriet ​National Park
MG​- ​Mahatma Gandhi ​Marine National Park

Rajput School of Painting

National parks of Assam


A ​man ​(MANAS) ​naming ​(NAMERI) Ranga ​(Kaziranga) was the professor in ​Rajiv Gandhi​ (RAJIV GANDHI) college.

While eating ​Dahi​, ​he told his students to eat ​Dabur ​honey (DIBRU SAIKHOWA) and practice ASANAS ​(ASSAM) to stay fit.

Man- ​Manas National Park
Naming- ​Nameri National Park
Ranga- ​Kaziranga National Park

Rajiv Gandhi- ​Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park(Mini kaziranga)

Dahi- ​Dehing Patkai National Park
National parks of Assam Story

Dabur- ​Dibru-Saikhowa National Park

Kalighat Paintings

National parks of Chhattisgarh


INDRAVATI ​was ​CHATTING (CHATTISGARH), ​when the TEACHER ​was teaching. So he became ​ANGRY​.

INDRAVATI​- Indravati National Park
TEACHER- ​Guru Ghasi Das (Sanjay) National Park (Teacher means GURU).

ANGER- ​Kanger Valley National Park

Second Anglo-Mysore War (1780-1784)

National Parks of Maharashtra

Trick- ​Sanjay Goga of Tadoba saw New Moon

S​- Sanjay Gandhi National Park
G​- Gugamal National Park
T​- Tadoba National Park
N​- Navegaon National Park
M​- Chandoli National Park (Chanoli- Chand- Moon is called as Chand in Hindi.)

The Ghadr

Jammu *& Kashmir National Parks

SALIM KISS HEMA while playing DAndiya.

1-SalimAli National Park..
2-Kishtwar National Park.
3-Hemis National Park..
4-Dachigam National Park..


Trick to remember National Park of Himachal Pradesh

GREAT INDER ki PIN aur SIM Ganga mein gir gai.
1-Great Himlayan National Park.
2-Inderkilla National Park.
3-Pin Valley National Park.
4-Simbalbara National Park.
5-Khirganga National Park….

Note:-Inder is a boy isliye Great Inder.(For easy remeberance)

King Krishnadevaraya

🔆Trick to remember core industries in India- CCC FRENS

C- Coal
C- Crude Oil
C- Cement
F- Fertilizers
R- Refinery Products
E- Electricity
N- Natural Gas
S- Steel


Tricks to remember important vanilla countries in Indian Ocean..

Trick – MalSy Gone Mad at MauRya

Mal = Mayotte

Sy = Seychelles

Gone = cone =Comoros

Mad = Madagascar

Mau = Mauritius

Rya = Reunion island

✅Maldives is no more member of Vanilla Islands.

IPS Divya Tanwar UPSC Marksheet

🔆Trick to remember Six pillars of Atmanirbhar Bharat

Trick- VIDES (Foreign country)

V- Vibrant Demography
I- Infrastructure
D- Demand
E- Economy
S- System


🔆Mnemonic to remember diseases eradicated from India

Trick- PqRST (alphabetical order)

Folk Painting

🔆States through which tropic of cancer passes in india

1) Gujarat
2) Rajasthan
3) Madhya Pradesh
4) Chattisgarh
5) Jharkhand
6) West Bengal
7) Tripura
8) Mizoram

Trick :- Rajiv (Rajasthan) Gandhi (Gujarat) Made (M.p) Chief (Chattisgarh) Justice (Jharkhand) to Wait (w. bengal) for The (Tripura) Meeting (Mizoram).

6th Class Polity Old NCERT Book

Trick to Remember ASEAN Countries—

Those who pass MBBS watch PTV and buy LIC policy.


M- Malaysia
B- Brunei
B- Burma
S- Singapore

P- Phillipines
T- Thailand
V- Vietnam

L- Laos
I- Indonesia
C- Cambodia

Total= 10 countries

सथलमण्डल Part -6 | विश्व का भूगोल

Languages in eighth schedule
Easy trick


✅21( Sindhi) + 71 ( kokani, manipuri, Nepali) = 92 ( bodo, dongri, maithali, santhali).

Three amendments for languages in eighth schedule

तंत्रिका तंत्र

🔆Mnemonic for important seas from North to South

Trick- Old EYES

O- Okhotsk sea
E- East Sea (Sea of Japan)
Y- Yellow sea
E- East China Sea
S- South china sea

बौद्ध संगीतियांः स्थान, अध्यक्ष, शासनकाल

5 Principal organs of United Nations :


G- General Assembly
S- Security Council
I- International Court of Justice
S- Secretariat
ECONOMICS- Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Gamini Singla Topper copy :- 4

trick to remember Indirect Taxes

Excuse me

Ex – Excise tax
Cu – Custom tax
Se – Service tax
M – Market tax
E – Entertainment tax

SSC GD क्या है? | SSC GD Full Form | पूरी जानकारी

The Equator passes through:

✅In Asia: KIM (Kiribati, Indonesia, Maldives)

✅In South America:  ECB (Equador, Columbia, Brazil)

✅In Africa: SDG SUCK (S. Princeps, DR Congo, Gabon, Somalia, Uganda, Congo, Kenya)

UPSC IAS की तैयारी करने वाले छात्रो के लिए भारत की सबसे सस्ती और शानदार Coaching

🔆Acquisition of Citizenship in five ways :

Trick : BRAND.

✅B : Birth
✅R : Registration
✅A : Acquisition
✅N : Naturalization
✅D : Descent

complete Information About Jammu & Kashmir

🔆Hills from south to north

Trick: CAN She go to JaPaN to Meet God.

✅C: Cardimom
✅A: Anaimalai
✅N: Nilgiri
✅S: Shevroy
✅J: Javadi
✅P: Palakonda
✅N: Nallamalla
✅M: Mahendragiri
✅G: Garjhat

मुगल काल / साम्राज्य GK Questions SET

States with bicameral legislation:

Tricks: TUMBAK

✅T : telangana
✅ U : uttar pradesh
✅M : maharashtra
✅B : bihar
✅A: andhra pradesh
✅K: karnataka

Geography Quiz

KINGS who Followed Buddhism:

Trick: BAPU Ka Hath

✅B- Bimbisar
✅A- Ashoka
✅P- Prasan Jeet
✅U- Uday Sen
✅Ka- Kanishka
✅Hath- Harshavardhana

विश्व के सर्वाधिक खनिज उत्पादक देश बहुत महत्यपूर्ण प्रश्न

🔆Tributaries of Godavari :

✅ShiBa KaKa Sab TIPPu –Left bank tributaries

🔸Shi- Shivana
🔸BA- Banganga
🔸Ka- Kadva
🔸Ka- Kadam
🔸Sab- Sabari
🔸T- Taliperu
🔸I- Indravati
🔸P- Pranhita
🔸Pu- Purna

✅SiPra MaMa Ki DaNa– Right bank Tributaries

🔸Si- Sindphana
🔸Pra- Pravara
🔸Ma- Majira
🔸Ma- Manair
🔸Ki- Kinnerasani
🔸Da- Darna
🔸Na- Nasardi

जानें हीरा कैसे बनता है और असली हीरे को कैसे पहचानें?

🔆Arrival Of European companies in chronological order

Trick: PD BD FS

P = Portuguese (1498)
D = Dutch
B-BRITISH English) (1600)
D = Dennis (1616)
F = French (1664)
S = Swedish (1731

TYPES OF MINERALS. ( खनिजों के प्रकार। )

🔆जुट उत्पादन करने वाले राज्य

Trick: “MOJ me MA BAP”

✅M –Meghalaya मेघालय
✅O – Odisha ओड़ीसा
✅J – Jute जुट
✅M – Maharashtra महाराष्ट्र
✅A – Asam असाम
✅B – Bihar बिहार
✅A – Andhra Pradesh आंध्र प्रदेश
✅P- Paschim Bengal(west Bengal)पशि्चम बंगाल

भूगोल की मूल अवधारणाएं क्या हैं?

🔆सिंधु घाटी सभ्यता के प्रमुख स्थल

TRICK : हमको सच में बरका लोरी धुआ चाहिये।

✅ह : हङप्पा सभ्यता (पकिस्तान का मोंटगोमरी जिला)

✅म : मोहनजोदङो (पकिस्तान का सिंध प्रान्त का लरकाना जिला)

✅को : कोटदीजी (सिंध प्रान्त, पकिस्तान)

✅स : सुतकांगेडोर (बलुचिस्तान, पकिस्तान) दाश्क नदी

✅च : चन्हुदङो (सिंध प्रान्त, पकिस्तान)

✅में : Silent

✅ब : बनवाली (हरियाणा, भारत )

✅र : रंगपुर (गुजरात ,भारत)

✅का : कालिबंगा (राजस्थान भारत)

✅लो : लोथल (गुजरात ,भारत)

✅री : रोपड़ (पंजाब ,भारत)

✅धु : धौलाविरा (गुजरात ,भारत)

✅आ : आलमगिरपुर (उत्तर प्रदेश,भारत) हिंडन नदी

What are the basic concepts of Geography ?

Indian states sharing border with Bhutan = SAAB

Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, west Bengal

Indian states sharing border with Myanmar =  ARUNA MAMI

ARUNAchal, NAgaland, MAnipur , MIzoram

अन्तराष्ट्रीय संग़ठन जिनका मुख्यालय जिनेवा में है

Trick :- “जीने के लिए शरणार्थी ख़राब मौसम में श्रम करे तो स्वास्थय व व्यापार अच्छा होता है और उनके गेट पर रेडक्रॉस लग जाता है”

✅ शरणार्थी ➙ विश्व शरणार्थी संगठन ( UNHCR )
✅मौसम ➙ विश्व मौसम विज्ञानं संगठन ( WMO)
✅श्रम ➙ विश्व श्रम संगठन ( ILO )
✅स्वास्थय ➙ विश्व स्वास्थय संगठन ( WHO )
✅ व्यापार ➙ विश्व व्यापार संगठन ( WTO )
✅गेट – गेट ( GATT )
✅ रेडक्रॉस ➙ रेड क्रॉस (Red Cross)

जानें दुनिया के 10 सबसे खतरनाक खेल कौन से हैं



drink JUICE & have GF (girlfriend).


✅J- Japan
✅I- Italy (not India, plz pay attention)
✅C- Canada (not China, plz pay attention)
✅E- England (United Kingdom)
✅G- Germany
✅F- France

Note: (i) European Union is also a part of this group which is represented by above mentioned European Countries.

परीक्षा मे सटीक तुक्का कैसे लगाए- Vikash Divyakirti Sir

🔆वाशिंगटन मे स्थित अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मुख्यालय

Trick :- वाशिंगटन जा कर दूरसंचार उपग्रह के विकास ओर पुनःनिर्माण के लिये मुद्रा कोषः से वित्त लिया

✅दूरसंचार ➙ अंतर्राष्ट्रीय दूरसंचार एवं उपग्रह संगठन
✅ विकास ➙ अंतर्राष्ट्रीय विकास संघ
✅पुनः निर्माण ➙ अंतर्राष्ट्रीय विकास एवं पुनः निर्माण बैक
✅ मुद्रा कोष ➙ अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मुद्रा कोष
✅ वित्त ➙ अंतर्राष्ट्रीय वित्त निगम

UPSC Topper Ravi Kumar Sihag | UPSC की तैयारी कैसे करे | How To Prepare For UPSC | IAS Ravi Detail


SSC GD Mock test

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