Vande Bharat 2.0

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 Vande Bharat 2.0

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✳️ Mains: Indian Railways.


✅Prime Minister flagged off the new Vande Bharat Express between Gandhinagar and Mumbai at Gandhinagar Station in Gujarat.

♻️Details :

✅A new and upgraded version of Vande Bharat Express was flagged off by the Prime Minister between Gandhinagar and Mumbai.

✅Vande Bharat Express 2.0 between Gandhinagar and Mumbai will enhance the connectivity between the two business hubs of the country.

✅It can be a game changer.

✅It will enable business owners of the two cities to travel to and fro at a reasonable cost while availing of the facilities that are available on air travel.

✅The travel time of Vande Bharat Express 2.0 from Gandhinagar to Mumbai is estimated to be five and a half hours.

✅Vande Bharat Express 2.0 is equipped with advanced safety features.

✅It also includes an indigenously developed Train Collision Avoidance System – KAVACH.

♻️Features of Vande Bharat 2.0 express :

✅It can reach the speed of 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 52 seconds, and a maximum speed of 180 kilometres per hour.

✅The improved version of the Express weighs 392 tons in contrast to the earlier version which weighed 430 tons.

✅It will also provide a Wi-Fi content facility on-demand.

✅Moreover, each coach is equipped with 32” screens providing passenger information and infotainment (earlier version 24”).

✅The express is environmentally friendly as the ACs will be 15 percent more energy efficient.

✅The side recliner seat facility will be provided for all classes (it was provided only in the Executive class earlier). And the Executive Coaches will have the additional feature of 180-degree rotating seats.

✅A photo-catalytic ultraviolet air purification system is installed in the Roof-Mounted Package Unit (RMPU) in the Vande Bharat Express for air purification.

✅Apart from filtering and cleaning the air, it will make the air free from germs, bacteria, viruses, etc.



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